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39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

If you’ve been bored with your hair lately and can’t get to the salon to get it cut or colored, this is exactly what you need. We’ve found 39 amazing side braid hairstyles in 2023 we must try. Braids are an easy way to spice up your hair, side braid hairstyles can be used on loose hair, ponytails, glitter braids, and much more. Not only that but there is a side braid that will suit every occasion. So, take a look and see what hairstyles you can create. You can even practice wearing them all since you won’t be able to choose your favorite!

Large side braid hairstyle with accessories

We have another accessory look to show you. The hair is styled in a big side braid hairstyle. This fishtail braid has a summery and beachy vibe. The style is finished off with lots of cute clips. We love the clips because the different designs look so unique. You can recreate this look or try a smaller, sleeker braid. Hair clips like these can be purchased online.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Beautiful braids with braids

Not all braids have to be big and bold. You can have smaller, finer side braid hairstyles like these. For this look, the hair is curled with two thin braids that meet in the middle. It’s a cute and pretty look that suits everyone. A hairdo like this is great for summer, festivals, and special occasions. You can even add some accessories like flowers.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Ponytail with a chic side braid

Like braids with ponytails? If so, check it out. This hairstyle features a long ponytail with side braid hairstyles tied into a ponytail. It’s a simple idea and looks very elegant. Hair like this is very versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. From the gym to a night out, this hairdo will have you covered.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Long braid with hair rings

This next hairstyle is another one of our favorites! The hair is very long and sleek with a side part. On one side he leaves the hair loose and the other features a braid. The braid is also provided with hair rings. Hair rings are a great way to give your hair a trendy and sexy look. You can buy them online and you can use them in any braided style.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Side braid hairstyles with a ponytail

A side braid is a great way to jazz up a ponytail. Here we have a simple ponytail with a sleek and loose braid on the side. It’s a beautiful look and you can use any type of braid for this style from fishtail to three strands. This is another beautiful hair idea for summer. It also has a beach vibe.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Cute side braid for short hair

Next, we have a cute side braid and this is one of our favorite looks. This hairstyle features textured hair and hair braided down one side. The braid has also been given some ribbons and beads. We love this because the ribbon and accessories make the braid look chic and unique. You can recreate this look with similar hair accessories in any color.

Chunky side braid hairstyles

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The next hair idea features a trendy braid. For this look, the hair is styled into a full braid on one side and a long ponytail on the other. This is a cute, unique, and chic hair idea that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or use any type of braid. The ponytail can also be braided.

Simple braid idea for short hair

Like the simpler look? If so, then this is for you. Here we have a cute bob with a pull-through side braid. It’s a cute and sweet hair idea that will make your hair look fabulous from work to evening. These side-braid hairstyles can be used on long hair as well. You can even pull back a couple of braids to create a chic half-up, half-down look.

Wavy hair with beautiful hearts

Earlier in this post, we featured a hairdo with a heart-shaped hair clip. If you love hearts, you need to see this pattern. This time we have big side braid hairstyles with loose waves. The entire pattern is completed with small diamond hearts. This is a cute, beautiful, and attractive style. Heart clips are available online and you can be as bold as this one or create a more subtle look with just a few hearts.

Stylish side braid

If you love stylish hair ideas, you need to check this out. For this look, the hair is textured, swept to one side, and styled in a pretty side braid. With texture, it has a more edgy look but with a sleeker, sleeker look you can get a more elegant and polished look. This is another great style for special occasions like weddings.

Side braid idea for a bob haircut

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Next up, we have another simple yet elegant look. This time we have a sleek bob with a little side braid. This hairstyle is very easy to wear and will suit everyone. This look can be recreated on any hair length and any type of braid can be used.

EDGY side braid for short hair

The next side braid is both edgy and cute. This look features wavy hair and a section of hair styled in a side braid. We love this side braid because it has a modern rock-chicken look. You can recreate this look with or without the butterfly, it depends on how you want to wear it.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The loose fish braid with a cute heart

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The next hair idea is a bit more unique. Here we have sleek and straight hair. One side features delicate coils while the other side has an oversized fishtail braid. The look is complete with a cute heart. This is a trendy look and statement. It’s another style that would be great for prom and bridesmaids. Heart hair clips are available online.

Sleek pull-through side braid

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Another popular side braid hairstyle type is the pull-through braid and here is a cute way to wear it. The braid is on one side of the head and it is big and loose. It is an elegant and easy-to-wear style that can be worn for any occasion. There are tutorials for pulling braids online so you can recreate this style yourself at home.