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6 Stunnin traditional African Hairstyles 2023 For Black Women

1. Four Cornrow lacings

Four cornrows are the traditional African  hairstyles take on this pleated look. While you can pleat your hair straight back at the same angle, a fresh take is only to pleat the sides straight. The cornrows at the top of your head should be put in at an acute angleso they meet up with the other lacings.
traditional African  hairstylesThis cornrow style adds plenitude of visual interest with its geometric rudiments. It has a futuristic, Afro- punk vibe while giving the nod to traditional cornrows.

2. Five Cornrow lacings

traditional African  hairstylesOne way to style your hair is to separate it into five sections and pleat resemblant cornrows toward the reverse of your head. To give this look a womanlike discrepancyfinish the lacings at the nape of your neck and let the rest of your ringlets fall free.
This not only shows off your hair’s brio and texture, but it also softens the overall style. For an redundant romantic touchleave your baby– hair freeDoing so will add a sportfulimmature sense.

3. Side Cornrow lacings traditional African  hairstyles for Black Women

3. Side Cornrow lacings traditional African  hairstyles for Black WomenWhy not add a unique touch to your lacings with side cornrows? This style can be used to produce the ‘ dummy– undercut ’ lookstill, if you want to take it to the coming positiontry pairing side cornrows with other lacings. A name combination is Dutch lacings with side cornrows.
3. Side Cornrow lacings traditional African  hairstyles for Black WomenYou can indeed add some differing cornrows at the crown of your head. Whatever you decide, this is a fun and protean style to try. It’s excellent for emphasizing the bone structure of your facetoo, as it brings out cheekbones and frames the tabernacles.

4. Cornrows with Extensions

Make your cornrows pop with various extensionsBright tinges like pink, blue, and green give this else straightforward style a fresh twistIndeed moreconcluding for extensions means you can get a striking look without damaging your hair with bleach or color.

The color change where the extensions are pleated into your natural hair creates a boldgraphic effectSo this is a look for the stalwart and fashionforward types out there.


5. Cornrows Braided Into a Bun

There’s nothing stylish than lacings wrapped into a bun, and cornrows make this look redundant striking. While you can pleat your cornrows straight back before twisting them into this sexy and sophisticated updo, why not try a new twist on the look?
Have your cornrows pleated asymmetrically from left to right. This draws the eye across your face and focuses the attention on the crown of your hair and your forepart. As with any bun haircutbalance this look with a bold camo and winged eyeliner.

6. Cornrows in Front – Box lacings in the Back

What’s better than this iconic plat type? While box lacings have been around for thousands of timesforming in Namibia, they came trendy in the ‘ 90s and are still going strong moment. The style is low– conservation and defensive, as the lacings do n’t put too important stress on your crown.

They’ve a lot of description and are protean. You can also pleat in synthetic hair for further length and volume in the lacings. For an on- trend look with a subtle old– academy vibe, combine your box lacings with side cornrows.

trendy Handbag 2023 These are styles to invest in this season

With warmer and longer days now the norm, the handbag 2023 are in demand. From XL totes to super tactile stylesadding one of the rearmost bag trends to your closet is the fastest way to modernize your look.

stilledging in any of the handbag trends 2023 will incontinently give your outfits a contemporary sense; and hairstylist Rebekah Roy says women love a handbag, not just because they look good, If you are pious to your spring capsule wardrobe.
Handbags represent commission, ” she says. “ Historically, the first handbag or small clutch only held an pieces ticket! A handbag is further than just a bag. It represents our status and our style. You can take your life with you wherever you go. It’s pure freedom. ”

stillavoid handbag miscalculations by really considering how and when you’ll use your bag before copping , If you are looking to invest in the handbag 2023. The stylish developer bags are bones that are proteanpractical, and dateless. An investment purchase, they’re frequently classic in terms of color and figure, but name statement pieces can also retain their value long after the season has finished– particularly if they are limited edition styles.

An easy wardrobe update, the stylish  handbag 2023 may have started on the runway, but as soon as the fashion trends 2023 started to dropstraight– to- request markers created a brilliant selection of bags inspired by new season trends, at a grain of the priceoffering a great way to fit lower dateless designs without breaking the bank and if you are determined to go for a ingrained product, there are also plenitude of affordable developer bags that do not skimp on style. However, these are the styles and colors that are on trend right now, If you want to give your handbag a 2023 makeover.


Bags that mean business were a big trend on the runwayCarrying on from its 2022 success, Prada’s reissue of its 1995 style, a minimalist fave of numerous a fashionista also and nowcame down the runway in a variety of colors from black to bright pink and lime unheroicContinuing the trend for dopamine dressing, with mood– boosting tinges.

Anyhow of tones, the one thing that unifies this trend is the use of sturdy leather in structural shapes. One of the stylish developer bags for work, These are the bags that hold their own, with not a couch potato in sight. Ideal for slipping into a minimalist capsule wardrobe, their clean figure adds polish to any outfitGo classic in black to nail the Stealth Wealth trend, as this bag is the description of quiet luxury, or conclude for one of the big fashion color trends 2023- similar as unheroic or blue, to add a color pop to your look.


It’s been a big talking point in the fashion assiduity for some time and when it comes to the stylish sustainable apparel brands, the number is clearly on the rise. The fashion assiduity accounts for roughly over to 10 of global carbon dioxide affairusing a lot of polyester, which is a high source of microplastic pollution. That’s not eachleather, which is a natural product, isn’t only dangerous to the poor creatures whose skins are used, but the parenting of these creatures has a huge environmental impact. Thankfully, the fashion assiduity is starting to wake up to these major issues.

Rebekah, who also innovated Bare, a vegan sustainable fashion point and store, says “ I can give you 1000 reasons why sustainably is important, but simply put, should n’t we all watch about the earth– and that our children and grandchildren to inherit a better world. ”
With this in minddeveloper brands are trying to come more sustainable by allowing outside the box when it comes to accoutrements used. Prada uses recycled nylon in some of itsre-edition bags, while Stella McCartney, who has been leading the charge on vegan leathers, created the first luxury bag using Mylo, a dummy leather made from mushrooms.

Rebekah says there are so numerous leather druthers to choose from these days.

“ Pineapple leather was one of the first to come on the request because it’s strong and veritably durable, ” she says. “ We now have some great handbags made out of cactus, apple and indeed mango leather! ”

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

We’ve all been there where you look in the mirror and are sick of your hair color. Well, hair color is the best way to solve this problem! A new hair color can lift hair and give it new life while bolder colors will completely transform your hair, so it’s fun and flirty.

If you’re thinking of rocking a new color in 2023, keep reading because we’ve got 40 cute hair colors and trends you need to see. We’ve got everything from natural colors like blonde to cotton candy pink. There is a color for everyone that will give your hair a chic look that will make you look and feel great!

Gradient melted copper hair

The hair starts as a dark red, then blends into orange and eventually blonde. It’s a stunning color that melts and the hair makes a statement. Since the hair is both fiery and summery, it is suitable for all seasons.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Cute blonde curls

We love the next hair idea. It is perfect for ladies with very tight curls. The hair is dark from the roots with different shades of blonde added to the braids. By using multiple blonde shades, the hair looks more natural and sun-kissed. It’s a nice and cute style! If blonde isn’t for you, you can add bolder colors like pink or red.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Soft strawberry hair

If you want a subtle yet natural color, this might be perfect for you. Here we have soft strawberry hair. The hair is a light copper color from root to tip. It is very easy to dress up nicely. A color like this will look great on everyone and will complement every hairstyle.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

From dark to light color melted

This hair idea is another of our favorites. The style features a stunning melt-in color called Black Pearl. Therefore, the hair starts dark and blends into lighter colors. There are many different shades from taupe and charcoal to light pink and silver. It’s a great hair idea and it’s perfect for fall and winter.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Beautiful platinum blonde hair

The next hair idea is awesome! Here we have long, sleek platinum blonde hair. It’s a beautiful blonde tone and you’ll dazzle. A bright blonde like this one is great for ladies who want to stand out. This is another color and style that will be great for summer.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Pink cotton candy

Earlier in this post, we shared pink hair color. If you like this idea, you need to see this one too. This is a light tone and the pastel colors give it a cotton candy look. It’s just so bright, fun, and cute. Hair like this is perfect for spring and summer, and the pink color goes well with all hairstyles.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Big blonde highlights

Next up, we have this amazing multi-dimensional hair color. Dimensional color is the use of light and dark tones to create hair that is more elegant and natural. For this look, the hair is dark at the root with additional shades of blonde. As you can see, there are cold and warm tones. This is an easy hair wear idea that will look great on anyone.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

A bold ombre hair color idea

If you want to dazzle with hair color, this is perfect. This color combination is inspired by fall. So, the hair starts as a rich red then blends into pink, and finally into orange. It’s such a fun and cute hair idea! This hair will also work in the summer if you use bright red as it will have a tropical summer vibe. We love this color palette and want to try it!

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Ombre idea for black and gray hair

Another color combo we love is black and gray! This hair idea shows how to wear it elegantly. The hair is black at the roots and then turns into a trendy silver grey. We love gray because it’s so chic and cool. Recreate the black and gray look but gray matches other hair colors too.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Fiery hair color idea

Color your look with a spicy hair colors like this one. Here we have long hair dyed a nice, coppery color. It’s a cool, bold shade. We love these red tones because they go with everyone and in any season. Hair will be shiny in the summer but warm in the winter. This color will look great with any style.

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Blond hair with a blue tint

Next, we have another basic idea. This time the hair is platinum blonde with blue highlights. Different shades of light and dark blue were used. It’s a great hair idea and allows you to wear highlights in a more low-key way. Blue under lights can be worn with any hair color, not just blonde.

Caramel features for long curly hair

If you have curly hair, you need to see the next idea! Here we have brown hair with a lighter color added. The warm and bright color has been added to the top layers of the hair making the curls stand out. This is an amazing hair idea that will wow! Also, this color combination will work on other hair types as well.

Cute gold ombre hair

Earlier in this post, we featured a rose gold hair color. If you like it, then check out this hair idea too. This time we have darker rose gold hair. We love this because it’s a great way to try a trendy, modern color. If you decide it’s not for you or you just want to experiment with shade for fun, it will grow out easily. This is a beautiful hair idea that is perfect for spring.

Dark hair with warm blond

40 Cute Hair Colors And Trends In 2023 You Need To See

Another color you can add to your dark hair is warm blonde. This hairstyle shows how to wear a blonde beautifully. As you can see, the hair is very dark with blonde highlights added in the front of the hair and the lower sections everywhere else. This is a cute, summery, and adorable style that goes well with everyone.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

If you’ve been bored with your hair lately and can’t get to the salon to get it cut or colored, this is exactly what you need. We’ve found 39 amazing side braid hairstyles in 2023 we must try. Braids are an easy way to spice up your hair, side braid hairstyles can be used on loose hair, ponytails, glitter braids, and much more. Not only that but there is a side braid that will suit every occasion. So, take a look and see what hairstyles you can create. You can even practice wearing them all since you won’t be able to choose your favorite!

Large side braid hairstyle with accessories

We have another accessory look to show you. The hair is styled in a big side braid hairstyle. This fishtail braid has a summery and beachy vibe. The style is finished off with lots of cute clips. We love the clips because the different designs look so unique. You can recreate this look or try a smaller, sleeker braid. Hair clips like these can be purchased online.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Beautiful braids with braids

Not all braids have to be big and bold. You can have smaller, finer side braid hairstyles like these. For this look, the hair is curled with two thin braids that meet in the middle. It’s a cute and pretty look that suits everyone. A hairdo like this is great for summer, festivals, and special occasions. You can even add some accessories like flowers.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Ponytail with a chic side braid

Like braids with ponytails? If so, check it out. This hairstyle features a long ponytail with side braid hairstyles tied into a ponytail. It’s a simple idea and looks very elegant. Hair like this is very versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. From the gym to a night out, this hairdo will have you covered.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Long braid with hair rings

This next hairstyle is another one of our favorites! The hair is very long and sleek with a side part. On one side he leaves the hair loose and the other features a braid. The braid is also provided with hair rings. Hair rings are a great way to give your hair a trendy and sexy look. You can buy them online and you can use them in any braided style.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Side braid hairstyles with a ponytail

A side braid is a great way to jazz up a ponytail. Here we have a simple ponytail with a sleek and loose braid on the side. It’s a beautiful look and you can use any type of braid for this style from fishtail to three strands. This is another beautiful hair idea for summer. It also has a beach vibe.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Cute side braid for short hair

Next, we have a cute side braid and this is one of our favorite looks. This hairstyle features textured hair and hair braided down one side. The braid has also been given some ribbons and beads. We love this because the ribbon and accessories make the braid look chic and unique. You can recreate this look with similar hair accessories in any color.

Chunky side braid hairstyles

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The next hair idea features a trendy braid. For this look, the hair is styled into a full braid on one side and a long ponytail on the other. This is a cute, unique, and chic hair idea that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or use any type of braid. The ponytail can also be braided.

Simple braid idea for short hair

Like the simpler look? If so, then this is for you. Here we have a cute bob with a pull-through side braid. It’s a cute and sweet hair idea that will make your hair look fabulous from work to evening. These side-braid hairstyles can be used on long hair as well. You can even pull back a couple of braids to create a chic half-up, half-down look.

Wavy hair with beautiful hearts

Earlier in this post, we featured a hairdo with a heart-shaped hair clip. If you love hearts, you need to see this pattern. This time we have big side braid hairstyles with loose waves. The entire pattern is completed with small diamond hearts. This is a cute, beautiful, and attractive style. Heart clips are available online and you can be as bold as this one or create a more subtle look with just a few hearts.

Stylish side braid

If you love stylish hair ideas, you need to check this out. For this look, the hair is textured, swept to one side, and styled in a pretty side braid. With texture, it has a more edgy look but with a sleeker, sleeker look you can get a more elegant and polished look. This is another great style for special occasions like weddings.

Side braid idea for a bob haircut

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Next up, we have another simple yet elegant look. This time we have a sleek bob with a little side braid. This hairstyle is very easy to wear and will suit everyone. This look can be recreated on any hair length and any type of braid can be used.

EDGY side braid for short hair

The next side braid is both edgy and cute. This look features wavy hair and a section of hair styled in a side braid. We love this side braid because it has a modern rock-chicken look. You can recreate this look with or without the butterfly, it depends on how you want to wear it.

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The loose fish braid with a cute heart

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

The next hair idea is a bit more unique. Here we have sleek and straight hair. One side features delicate coils while the other side has an oversized fishtail braid. The look is complete with a cute heart. This is a trendy look and statement. It’s another style that would be great for prom and bridesmaids. Heart hair clips are available online.

Sleek pull-through side braid

39 Amazing Side Braid Hairstyles 2023 We Must Try

Another popular side braid hairstyle type is the pull-through braid and here is a cute way to wear it. The braid is on one side of the head and it is big and loose. It is an elegant and easy-to-wear style that can be worn for any occasion. There are tutorials for pulling braids online so you can recreate this style yourself at home.