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Trendy Brands Of South Africa Attire For Modern Women

Brands Of South Africa Attire : MaXhosa

Our mosaic- suchlike Bib Vest was drafted from our own out- cut accoutrements , showcasing how environmental mindfulness encompasses luxury. MaXhosa is a South African Attire knitwear brand innovated in 2012 by Laduma Ngxokolo. Born from a thesis design at the Nelson Mandela University, Ngxokolo wanted to produce a ready- to- wear and tear capsule collection that reflected his Xhosa heritage.

He was inspired by Amakrwala, the lineage’s traditional manly inauguration form that marks the ritual of passage from babyhood to masculinity.

Informed by traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbols, and colours, Ngxokolo’s hand aesthetic is conveyed in his contemporary, graphic knitwear collections.

Speaking of the future of South African fashion to The Hollywood journalist, the developer explained “ We, and a lot of brands( in South Africa,) are about moving out of the curio space where it does n’t belong — and creating a more refined, elegant way of presenting ourselves. We’re fated to play a major part in the world through music, fashion and design. ”

Each of Ngxokolo’s collections burn bright with geometric patterns and are filled with luxe woven separates in pictorial tinges like red, blue, unheroic, and orange.

The developer’s affinity for mohair, merino hair, and silk are apparent in his every creation, and his immolation has expanded over the times to include accessories and home scenery that are as striking as his womens and menswear.
Since its launch, the marker has amassed worldwide recognition and sun. Ngxokolo won the prestigious Vogue Italia “ gibing for Africa ” prize in 2014 and had the chance to present his collections at the Palazzo Morando Show in Milan, Italy.

He also entered the 2014 WeTransfer education to study Masters in Material Futures at CentralSt. Martins from which he graduated in 2016. Ngxokolo’s knits have been spotted on transnational celebrities similar as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and South African Black catamount actor,

John Kani, and in 2018, a MaXhosa string- knit sweater was displayed as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s “ Is Fashion ultramodern? ” exhibition in New York City.

Via his showings at South African Fashion Week, AFI Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and other major events, the brand has cemented itself as a reputed pillar of South Africa’s arising design scene. ACCOLADES
Eastern Cape Entertainment Stars Award, Arising developer, 2016
Design Indaba Most Beautiful Object in South Africa Award, Winner,2016
.Yoox.com Who’s Coming Dubai Award, Winner, 2015
Vogue Italia gibing for Africa, Winner, 2015
Africa Fashion International, Arising developer of the Time Award, 2015
Premium International, Stylish Arising developer( for SS15 Menswear), 2014
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Rising Star Award, 2012
Marie Claire Prix De Excellence, Stylish Arising developer Award, 2011
Our morality is centered around the conviction of achieving zero waste within our continuance.
As part of our current collection, we looked inwardly towards our sustainable practices.


MAXHOSA AFRICA was inspired by Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism and colours, and now reinterpreted into ultramodern knitwear.
MAXHOSA designs showcase the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of the Xhosa people. Evolved and amended in a ultramodern way and a current design environment it translates into a form that resonates with multiple fashion requests encyclopedically.

MAXHOSA AFRICA has since also entered multitudinous achievements and awards, landing the hearts of fashion suckers and media, both at home and encyclopedically.

MAXHOSA AFRICA aims to come the commanding African lux, decoration and mass heritage fashion & life brand.
the African Lux brand “ MAXHOSA AFRICA ” by Laduma Ngxokolo is a great illustration of authentic african luxury.
The brand is in knitwear inspired by the developer’s Xhosa heritage, especially beadwork from which he replicated the geometrical design.
The brand aims to showcase the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of Xhosa people. The designs have been modernised to correspond to the current fashion environment and to reverberate with the global fashion request( Maxhosa Africa, 2021).

By travelling in Europe and observing the Luxury Assiduity, Laduma noticed the lack of aspirational brand for Africans and African diaspora. He made culture, Xhosa culture the foundation of his brand. This needed doing deep exploration into his own culture in order to develop designs which represent and celebrate Xhosa tradition and heritage.