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Some Natural Hair Growth Treatment For Women

Natural hair growth remedy

Natural hair growth remedy
stilltry natural hair remedies, If you are looking for a fast way to grow hair. However, it can really help with hair growth, If you use a admixture of bomb and coconut oil painting or olive oil painting. Lemon has a large quantum of vitamin C and a group of B vitamins, as well as folic acid. It also helps with dandruff.

1. Mix a reasonable quantum of bomb juice with doubly as important coconut oil painting or olive oil painting.

2. Apply the admixture to your hair for 30 to 45 twinkles and also wash it with a mild soap.

Natural hair growth remedy

Natural remedy for brittle hair
Avocado and olive oil painting hair mask

Natural hair Remedy for uncurling 
1. Mix half a mashed avocado with a Tbsp of olive oil painting.

2. wet down your natural hair before applying this hair mask.

3. Leave the hair mask on for an hour, and also wash your hair with water.

4. Repeat this once a week to get strongerhealthier ends.

Natural hair Remedy for uncurling

Natural hair Remedy for uncurling 

– 1 tsp coconut oil painting
– 1 tsp castor oil painting
– 1 tsp olive oil painting
– 1 tsp glycerin

1. Add all the constituents to a small pot and heat it over the cookstove until it gets warm.

2. Start brushing your hair with this oil painting blend, and make sure you start from the roots to the ends.

3. Leave it on your natural hair for 3 to 4 hours.

4. Do not forget to wear a bonnet over your head so the canvases stay warm.

5. Wash your hair with a natural chemical-free soap.

6. Make sure your do not use any conditioner or hair mask that contains chemicals.

Natural remedy for hair consistence

Aloe vera, has a lot of benefits. It nourishes the crown and helps reduce natural hair fall. It’s also rich in minerals and vitamins which stimulate hair growth and soften the hair. As for castor oil painting, it’s really good for hair thickening and stretching.

1. Mix 2 Tbsp of aloe vera gel with a tsp of castor oil painting.

2. blarney the hair for 15 twinkles with the admixture.

3. Leave the admixture on your hair the whole day and also wash it really well with soap.

4. You can repeat this twice a week for quicker results.